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RC Fifth Continent

RC Fifth Continent, Ukraine, Dnipro city

ЖК Пятый Континент

Located on Heroes Avenue 1-A and Victory Embankment 112 D, Dnepr City.
5-section 10 – 17-storey residential complex.

Specifications of the building:

  • There are 355 apartments in the complex;
  • The area of apartments from 37,81 to 149,31 m2;
  • Room height 2.7 m;
  • Ventilated energy-saving facade;
  • Metal-plastic energy-saving Windows ;
  • Finishing screed with sound insulation layer;
  • Otis elevators with capacity of 1000 kg;
  • Open space (enclosed);
  • Fireproof, shockproof, metal doors;
  • Commerce 1-3 floor;
  • Parking 2 levels (above ground).